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Porta Daemonium – Serpent Of Chaos

porta daemonium – serpent of chaos

Chilean madness goes in the next round. Porta Daemonium were formed in 2011 and released a demo and a couple of singles before releasing their now discussed debut album “Serpent Of Chaos” in 2016. The CD and digital version was released through Iron, Blood and Death Corporation as well as Insidious Co. Now, in march 2017, they found a home in Blood Harvest Records for the vinyl version. What we have here is a less than 30 minutes chaotic blood driven brand of Blackened Death Metal picking up some ideas from Incantation, South American war commandos like Sarcofago, melodic approach similar to Dismember, all mixed up with a generally US induced metal in a really raw production. The drums are damn fast, blasting all the way through, with some groove parts here and there, giving the listener some short time to breath before killing it again. The bass and guitars are shredding all the way through, power chording and tremolo picking as much as possible still using some great melodies and leads to not drag it into pure chaos. The vocals are mostly guttural as hell with some cool shrieks from time to time to give more variation. In total a more than solid debut. Artwork from Nox Fragor rounds the entire art up. Check it out. (DPF)