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Necrosodomy – Eternal Darkness [EP]

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In our first issue we interviewed the fine gents of Gravecrusher, an underground Old School Death Metal from Hungary. Besides being involved with bands like Mörbid Carnage and Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, those grave desecrators are also in Necrosodomy. The “Eternal Darkness” release is the first release of Necrosodomy and was released on tape by Stygian Shadows Productions in 2011. Like with Istengoat, Blood Harvest is so kind (“just not your kind…If there is a new way…”) enough to release it on a limited 7”. When you get your hands on this rotten piece of vinyl, you will hear Old School Swedish Death Metal from the early 1990s. Well, isn’t that the first time in VM-Underground! The sound and the riffs are authentic, only the vocals could be a “love or hate” thing. It’s more in the shouting-range than the usual growl. A bit like Kenneth Nyman of Coercion on “Forever Dead” or A. Death of Putrified on “The Return of Swedish Old School Death Metal” demo. But don’t get me wrong, it’s an enjoyable piece of vinyl. (Ricardo)