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Karnarium – Deity Of Opposites [EP]

karnarium – deity of opposites [ep]


This underground Swedish death metal band has released a handful of demos before getting to releasing this 7” EP through the Swedish, underground praising Blood Harvest Records. Ever since their first incantations there has been a coming and going with band members, yet it is clear to say that Karnarium is a band consisting out of people who are/were in bands like Crossbow, Church Bizarre, Pagan Rites, Devil Lee Rot, Autopsy Torment, Immemoreal and The Ancient’s Rebirth just to name a few. Most of the people who are interested in the Swedish underground scene now know where this is going.

Though the band is now a trio again, this EP was solely recorded as a duo by Funeral Whore and (Jim) Voltage, and how much I like the underground feeling of it and the great photo shoot that exist of these two individuals, its audible that they are with just two and they are not the best musicians on all instruments. The guitar solos are way off tracks and off key for instance, which is a total shame as they really seemed in place. Also the recording quality differs quite a lot from song to song, which is not the best thing for an EP. Yet, the music itself makes up for it for the most part, it is an up tempo kind of Hellhammer, including the ‘uhh’. Though this alone wouldn’t do much justice to the music as it has more to offer, there is certainly a bit of Angelcorpse, Immolation and Morbid Angel is there as well, especially in the faster parts. Yet, it remains a dark piece of faster death metal which tends to get a bit too chaotic for its own good, but certainly with the right intention, so, let’s see what will be next.


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