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Perilaxe Occlusion – Raytraces of Death [Demo]

perilaxe occlusion – raytraces of death [demo]

To cut things short,“Raytraces of Death” punches you in the face like Mike Tyson with an oversized pink buttplug squeezed between his asscheecks.

The heavy production rips up your face when the first notes reach your auricles, setting the Death Metal bar once again on a extremely high level with fickle songstructures, accelerations and infectious grooves. XE beats his drum with frightening precision, never reaching hyperspeeds when blasting but hits powerful and steady like a concrete metronome bolstering the massive “sparkling” guitarsound produced by XT, the man scatters tons of grooves and riffs like little children throwing confetti at a carnaval parade. Give the schizophrenic “Geometric Dismemberment”, in which all the characteristics of these idiosyncratic Canadians emerge, a thorough listen and let yourself be convinced.

A big thumbs up to Blood Harvest Records, keeping their reputation high by releasing, once again, extraordinary quality. (Franki_boj)