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Sadness – Ames De Marbre [Re-Release]

sadness – ames de marbre [re-release]


Sadness is the type of bands that is quite complicated to define. It is a challenge to describe its work, an interesting challenge for anyone. First let’s make it clear that this album is a reissue of the material that originally came to light in 1993. By then the avant-garde bands into the dark vein of Metal were producing materials that eventually became true gems. In parallel the Doom Metal advanced, incorporating in some cases violins, flutes and other instruments not usual in Metal. A short time later Haggard and Therion, each in their own way, recreated a style  with very orchestral nuances. In this vortex of styles it was difficult to define who was what, so many were called Doom Metal “with influences of …”. In that same group was Sadness, an interesting proposal that came from Switzerland. To tell the truth, this style should not have been described as Doom Metal, because his art went beyond everything.

As many bands they began with a style more oriented to Death Metal (as can be seen in their demo of 1992 and which is also included in this reissue as a bonus), but their creativity took them to territories outside the earthly, without losing the darkness of your initial proposals. This is how Sadness takes the leap and gives birth to this “Amer de Marbre”, a majestic material that has everything that a lover of dark music can expect in general. To order us to narrate about this album we have to break down everything, otherwise its description would be more confusing. First in the vocal line: we do not speak of guttural voices but screaming, that merge with other vocals more histrionic, more accusative, all extreme. These are combined with others that go by way of whispering, others that go more for the “psychedelic” side and others that are even pure lament. In addition to all this mixture of male voices, female voices enter, singing sweetly or telling stories. All this comes and goes in a free and unexpected way, captivating at all times for its high emotional level.

Creativity in the vocal theme can give an indication of what Sadness is musically. Really difficult to define, but making an attempt we can say that it goes between the tribal and the psychedelic, going through gloomy and hypnotic sequences with reverberated effects. It goes between the atmospheric and the ritual, passing through melancholy and heart-breaking lands. In other words Sadness has everything that may be required of a dark band that is not restricted to a single style. It is eclectic but not in a forced way or looking to anchor in the maintream … it is a true expression of dark art. Let’s add to all the above the use of violins, oriental flutes, piano and cello. It is a very well thought-out work that surely demanded good time in the pre-production. Special mention is necessary for the song “Tristessa”, that although it is played with oriental wind instrument has all the dye of the Andean music. And another special mention also deserves the work of the bass, which draws on the old progressive rock to give interesting nuances to all the themes.

It can be confusing to try to say what Sadness is, but if your mind travels with the “Wildhoney” of Tiamat, the “Irreligious” of Moonspell, the old Tristania or Pyogenesis, Unholy, Long Winters’ Stare, and even Pink Floyd, you will enjoy it.


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