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Necrovation – Breed Deadness Blood

necrovation – breed deadness blood


For the true followers of the Swedish death metal scene the name of Necrovation will definitely ring a bell. The band already released a cool demo-tape, a full 7” and a split 7” with the Swedish thrashers of Corrupt. It took the band a few years to come up with their full-length album, but listening to “Breed Deadness Blood” this was very much worth the wait! In the right Blood Harvest tradition this is an album of top-notch Swedish quality that is harder to get from the well-known used-to-be-Godfathers of the genre but more lively in the underground scene of today’s Sweden…

… And Necrovation have put themselves to the highest ranks of their own genre. “Breed Deadness Blood” is without any doubt one of the best death metal records to come of Sweden the last few years, and with a very healthy (new) scene over there that means quite a lot. Considering the youthful sound of their first outings, especially their first demo-tape “Ovations to Putrefaction”, this album sounds surprisingly mature. A lot less chaotic and more groovy and without being a total rip-off of any band in the Swedish scene, they sound much like it could have been done in the early 90’s. This album breathes the authentic sound of bands like Grave and Unanimated. Not too much melody, loads of groovy parts, nice up-tempo drums and raw throaty vocals that go like ‘ahh’ and ‘uuhhh’ most of the times. What else you need?

Oh, by the way, this is the first CD ever to be released on Blood Harvest Records. It seems that they actually got some big expectations for the band, as Blood Harvest usually limits itself to vinyl only. And if that wasn’t enough yet, the owner of the label joined the band as a session guitarist himself. Of course, before you might get a bit worried, this album is available on black wax as well!

Blood Harvest

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