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Maligner – Attraction to Annihilation

maligner – attraction to annihilation

After releasing a demo and EP in 2016, the debut album titled “Attraction to Annihilation” has been released through the Blood Harvest label. The sound of this band consists out of 35% death metal and 65% thrash metal (if you don’t agree, blame it on my lack of math – you nerds), dressed in a modern jacket, but embraced by old school underground fibers. This Thrash/Death threesome from Sweden named Maligner, injected a groovy and melodic vibe into their sound and all songs sound driven by passion. Track “Lust for Fire” is my favorite on this disc, cause the riffs sound amazing and there’s a very good understanding between both drums and rhythm section.

Also “Disposable” is nice cause it starts off very peaceful to suddenly  explodes into a nice portion of thrash, especially the starting vocals gives this track a boost. You could easily compare it with softly rub open a sore, but not expecting that the fluid inside, shoots into your eye. The blast beats used in their sound isn’t overwhelming, but shifts very good with the other  drum parts and as said: a nice cooperation between the musical and vocal parts is audible. Okay, the thin line between different riffs that changeover isn’t always that perfect, and some could easily nitpick about some extra variation on this release they would like to hear, but overall seen this is a more than decent debut album. Curious enough? Go check it out then! (Fredde)