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Transcendence – Hour of the Summoning [EP]

transcendence – hour of the summoning [ep]

After listening to their last EP, I want you to imagine some dirty primal Death Metal added with some thrash input and with nowadays Bloodbath-influences – more precisely the vocal part then. Just listen to track “Mutilating Accursed Souls” and perhaps you agree with me. Musically seen the music these Americans offer is in the vein of old school death metal of Autopsy, but with some rarities inserted. What sticks by the most are the blast-beats that fill the sound and songs with a raw attitude, along with the strong vocals of Tom Patmore. Also mid-paced metal is audible with melodic guitar solo’s (title track ‘Hour of Summoning’) and some early thrash parts, but again with the blast beats that give the sound a boost. And this EP is a very strong one, cause each time you’ll give this one a spin, it gets better and better, and that’s what a great disc has as goal. (Fredde)