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Varathron – Lament of Gods [EP / Re-release]

varathron – lament of gods [ep / re-release]


I often believe that there exists some form of art that must be delineated by the soul to truly grasp and become one with its aura, not the art that is used for vanity or to make that which is rendered hollow whole. No, instead I am referring to that piece which intertwines with your very being, for it is like gazing upon the canvas, and every color, every stroke, you inhale its essence separately, even though the climax of this experience leads to the finish product, it is the journey that is paved in the work to be absorbed which makes the transition into the actual piece much more potent and entrancing.

It may seem absurd to even say such words, but ‘The Lament of Gods’ a Hellenic Black Metal masterpiece by the pantheons, Varathron, in my opinion, echoes the aforementioned. The very mixture of sounds, be it derived from the keys to the percussions, they ebb and flow to a different synchronicity, like that of the rivers which converge into one body of water, so too does this EP feel in its magnificence.

Tracks such as “The World Through Ancient Eyes” and ‘Fire Spell / Forbidden Lust’ conveys an elemental atmosphere to its candor, in other words, even though the very tone evoked from these tracks may conjure forth a tenebrous energy, it gives naught the feeling as though it was manifested by human hands. Like that of a raging sea, it seeks not to wreak havoc on the land nor its surrounding, it is but an unbridled force that spreads its essence as it sees fit, so too does the flow of this EP. The beauty of this EP can be discovered in its ability for allowing the musical components to breathe and meander, culminating into a zenith for certain tracks. A large portion of this is due to keys and vocals for together they weave a rather primordial and occult like atmosphere, but there exist moments throughout the EP where each component radiates on its own, and this in my opinion is what bestows onto it, its distinctive characteristic. The addition of the demo tracks found in the demo, ‘Sarmutius Pegorus’ ties the atmosphere neatly together with a distinct contrast towards the quality, but what is most important, it never sacrifices the listening journey.

‘The Lament of Gods’ can be compared to the deity which possess many hands, and from each hand springs forth a different action, a different melody, however, it is these distinct waves which forms the crux of the body, fusing together to create a cohesive work of art. Even though this EP was fashioned in the past, it still stands the test of time, for its mysticism never ceases to wither and decay, I believe this can be attributed to its organic nature wherein the musical composition is concerned, for the course in which this EP undergoes, its very flow can be likened to that of a ripe vein which is cut, and the ichor pulsates in ecstasy…this from my listening experience is what makes it such a gem that is captivating to the senses.

VIC Records

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