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Anarchos – Invocation of Moribund Spirits

anarchos – invocation of moribund spirits

It is not the first time my home country, The Netherlands, with as much inhabitants as the city of London, unleashes some unholy and fierce Old School Death Metal violence on to the innocent sheep of society. Anarchos from The Netherlands, with (ex-)members of Burning Hatred and Eternal Solstice in the ranks, released a demo and an EP (released by VIC Records in 2014) prior to the debut album “Invocation of the Moribund Spirits” which is filled mostly early 1990s European OSDM and Old School Swedish Death Metal. Although the percentage of mid-tempo parts will be greater than the up-tempo parts, there is still a lot of pace variation on this album. With the addition of the leads, Anarchos keeps it interesting from the beginning to the end. At moments you will hear fragments of Cemetary’s “An Evil Shade of Grey” guitar sound (“Cold Funeral) or a bit of doomy SweDeath, like Gorement, on “Initiating Lawless Rites”. Also on the closing track “Nacentes Morimur” you will hear doomy leads on top of the roaring mid-tempo riffs. Without doubt one fine and decent debut album and money well spend if you’re into fouled and filthy OSDM. (Ricardo)