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Noctambulist – Atmospheres of Desolation

noctambulist – atmospheres of desolation

For some reason people tend to think that long articles, essays and books have more essence and substance than shorter ones. While the same theory can also be used in describing an album, it is important to know that’s not always true. Sometimes shorter releases have more quality content than longer ones.

Noctambulist from Colorado have formed in 2016 and “Atmospheres of Desolation” is their debut (they have released a song / single back in 2017). The album clocks in at less than half an hour, so it could easily be mistaken for an EP, but trust me, this is an album. An incredibly dense combination of fast blast beats, atmospheric and haunting riffs, deep growls and screams, blended together into a wall of sound. Out of five full songs on the record most of them start off a quiet, a trick used to start building atmosphere, which is so unsettling it grows into tension and finally, it will mow you down with the explosion of sheer aggression. It literally looks like an hour or more music was compressed into less than half an hour and no matter how many times you go through it, you’ll always find new riffs or rhythms hidden in something that might sound like chaos at first listen. (Black Mary)