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Magnus – Scarlet Slaughter [Re-Release]

magnus – scarlet slaughter [re-release]


Sometimes you walk into something that you never heard of and surprises you in a pleasant way. This was the case when I got a package through the post with this vinyl record, a band that I never heard of from Poland. Magnus seems to have been a major force in the 80’s underground in Poland, so therefore I forgive myself for not knowing them before.

But the record itself really surprised me in a very good way. The rather sloppy and far from original thrash metal sounds so congenial that it puts you in the right mood right after the first few riffs. The music sounds like a mix between all the favourite bands of the members of that time, clearly being Slayer (“Show No Mercy”- and “Hell Awaits”-era), Nuclear Assault, Sodom, Voidvod, Messiah and Agent Steel. Raw and amazingly strange vocals (they use some kind of vocoder I suppose) are the finishing touch of this amazingly fun record. I wonder why this hasn’t got a proper release back in the days as this is really not any worse than a load of other bands that got to release a record through some (underground) label. In fact these songs were originally released in 1992 through a dance/jazz label in Poland only, but this release is a compilation of older songs recorded in the 80’s, somewhere.

Its hard to call this a ‘good’ record in terms of well-played songs as it is as sloppy as the earliest thrash or death metal records were. A comparison to Deathstrike’s “Fuckin’ Death” is pretty accurate on this matter. But, the genuine honesty of this record, the purity of the thrash metal that is presented by these Polish guys makes this a record that you can easily fall in love with – if you have a heart for nostalgia or just love this kind of music. Sloppy or not, this just deserves your respect. Killer record!



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