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Inisans – Transition

inisans – transition

Do you like your Death Metal as lifeless as a maggot drenched corpse lying in a skullcrushing entourage like a dark and small alley with a flickering light? Let me hand over the murder weapon, as Inisans is all that. The Old School Death Metal has all the darkness and the sound which you will hear when listening to an album of good old EP of the 1988-1992 Death Metal era. Be it Scandinavian as well as the American scene. Be it the early Swedish primitiveness as well as the darkness of a Sadistic Intent, to name a preserver of the Ancient Way. The music is decomposing and the morbidity just oozes through every vibrate of the vocal cords. If you are a fan of the Death Metal releases by Blood Harvest, you can hit the “check out” button once again. (Ricardo)