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Gluttony – Cult of the Unborn

gluttony – cult of the unborn


Total buzzsaw devastation is what awaits as soon as you press play on this latest album from Gluttony. Thick HM2 soaked guitars, roared vocals and a bare bones approach to drumming make this an album that sinks its hooks into you and doesn’t let go until the last note fades. Through and through this is classic Swedish death metal. The band takes the groundwork laid by Dismember and Entombed and rarely strays from that time tested formula. That said the album is never afraid to slow things down to more of a mid-tempo stomp and really let the guitar riffs breath and coat you with a layer of slime. “Torn from the Grave” sounds just as rotten as the name implies with some extremely catchy guitar riffs and a gross vocal approach. The album does a great job balancing the faster songs with the slower headbangers. “Gluttony” and “Church of Rot” are definitely two of the standout blazing tracks. Don’t expect blast beats though, this is pure old school Swedish Death Metal and the thrash beat is the law here. My favorite track on the album is the title track “Cult of the Unborn.” It mixes some excellent melodic guitar riffs with a groovy verse riff and perfect rabid dog vocal vomits. This song is definitely Gluttony at their best as far as the more mid-tempo side of their style goes. I usually prefer my Swedish death metal to be all guns blazing but these guys do an amazing job balancing the tempos throughout the record. It makes all of the faster songs have that much more impact. This is an album that is from beginning to end amazing track after amazing track. All songs hit with a ton of energy and there is not a throwaway track to be found on this 8 track album of bulldozing Swedish Death Metal. (MikeH)

VIC Records

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