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Weapons to Hunt – Blessed in Sin

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In 2008 the Dutch old-school death/thrash metal band Infinited Hate changed their band name into Weapons to Hunt. While already have released three full-length albums titled “Revel in Bloodshed”, “Heaven Termination” and “Orchestra of Sickness” under the old band name, now in November 2012 they’ll release a new creation titled “Blessed in Sin” As they probably thought by themselves: a new start begins with a new album. Well, this album is created by members who had or have a part in the Dutch metal band Sinister, which is a good band in my opinion, so I thought to myself, what can go wrong with this album? And my senses were right, “Blessed in Sin” is a stunning album! The rough voice from Aad Kloosterwaard is amazing and fits perfectly with the tracks on this album. All songs are a true hurricane and the high level never fades away. Great tempo changes are to be discovered into track as “The Smell of Victory” and False Positive System”. The riffs from both drums (from Paul Beltman) and guitars are a red line in this whole album and are executed in fast tempo, sometimes filled with some melodic elements in it (“Corpse Field” and “Merciless Impact”). About the drums they are planning to have different session drummers on each albums they’ll create in the future, but who knows, they might step off this thought, because the drums on this one are awesome! Straight forward and intense death/thrash metal it is, where few experiments such as the clean voice in track “Merciless Impact” and the screeching guitar solos in “The Hell Room” are found. This one definitely blow me away, so check this one out! (Fredde)