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Desekryptor – Vortex Oblivion

desekryptor – vortex oblivion


About just a little over a month ago I had been given the great opportunity to review Desekryptor’s outstanding limited cassette EP, ‘Curse Of The Execrated’ released on the mighty Caligari Records, for our great fanzine here. Now, I have been offered the chance once again, but this time to check out and review their brand new, also limited but on cassette and vinyl this time, first full-length album here in ‘Vortex Oblivion’, brought to you by the Blood Harvest label. And even before I push play on my first listen in to this new foray into the Death Metal underground, I am going to hypothesize that I will undoubtedly absolutely love this album and it will nost likey be added into my already vast but personally curated rotation of constants.

Now, before I go on and talk about this new offering let us step back for a bit and cover who Desekryptor, the band, actually are. This indomitable Death Metal four piece hail from the dreadfully desolate and horrendous, I would assume by the sound of the band, place called Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States. No real, concrete, starting date is known for this band but they did just so happen to release a five track demo, ‘Demo 2016’, in 2017 through the German Ghastly Apparition label. Followed by another demo (‘Chasm Of Rot’), a compilation (‘Chasm Of Rot’ again) and a split (Desekryptor / Draghkar) before disappearing for five years. Only to triumphantly return with the previously mentioned exceptional ‘Curse Of The Execrated’ and ‘Vortex Oblivion’ here both in the same year, this year, 2023.

But enough of all that, let us proceed on to why we are all here to begin with. What does this album, released so close to another release, sound like? Are there differences, or is it just more or the fantastic same stuff we got before but in long form? Well, thankfully for us, it’s a bit of both. They still continue to be an outstanding Cavernous, Doom-y Death Metal band that checks a lot of the boxes when it comes to this style. Yet there is still some sort of progressions from EP to full-length, progress in terms of songwriting (which was already excellent), pacing and also a better feel to incorporating the influences into their own style than before. It’s just a touch better overall, which is saying a lot because ‘Curse Of The Execrated’ is out of this world good. The Doom-y parts are Doomier, the catchy parts are more catchy and so on and so forth. It’s all so much better while still being able to pull off being just a touch more dirty, proper, in the atmosphere department.

Now to touch up something from before, in my review of the their EP ‘Curse Of The Execrated’ what I said of Desekryptor’s sound is; “It’s like a nice, vile mixture of Incantation, Immolation and some of the more melodic (ie. catchy) bits of Bolt Thrower. All while still sounding like a fresh cadaver for us to peruse instead a rotting old, picked over carcass that we’ve all seen (heard) before.” (Per me) But now I would have to say that they still have all of that stuff mixed in there but there is also some, not a ton, but some of the oddness and quirkiness of Portal and there also seems to be a huge touch of the foreboding atmosphere that Dead Congregation have seemed to nail so well.

So, now we should check back in and see if my hypothesis above was correct or incorrect. Conclusion; I would have to say that it was more than correct. For Desekryptor have put out a monster of a full-length here and I move than love ‘Vortex Oblivion’ and it will for surely be in my rotation for years to come. Plus this is, as stated before, a limited cassette and vinyl release (also available on CD and digitally), so if you want it in the fun, and best, formats, act quick and early. I have a feeling they are gonna go fast. For Desekryptor’s ‘Vortex Oblivion’ is an instant modern day Death Metal classic, yes, it’s that fucking good.

Blood Harvest

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