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Hexx – Quest for Sanity & Watery Graves

hexx – quest for sanity & watery graves

I just can’t put my finger on it. Is it the Thrashy approach? The fact that solos are more present? The riffs? The fine use of double bass drumming? The fact that pace is almost always up-tempo? I don’t know, but the moment I pressed “play” to listen to this compilation, filled with Old School Thrash/Death Metal, a smile just appeared out of nowhere. And to be honest, there wasn’t any food or beer near me so that couldn’t be it.

No, “Quest for Sanity” (1988) & “Watery Graves” (1990) are just ordinary and straightforward and there is nothing wrong with that. Although once started as US Power/Thrash, they transformed to harsher form with vocals in the vein of Mille Petroza and riffs that are more close to Sadus with a bit of Infernäl Mäjesty and old Thanatos than Vicious Rumours. Although remastered, the sound remains the nostalgia of the years both EPs were released, which benefits the compilation as a whole.

This is not one of those “you must have this underrated Old School gem everybody was forgotten about” compilation or re-releases, but when you hear a song like “Racial Slaughter”, you can easily conclude listening to this one is not a waste of time. (Ricardo)