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Asphyx – Crush the Cenotaph [EP / Re-Release]

asphyx – crush the cenotaph [ep / re-release]


I don’t think I need to introduce one of Dutch finest musical export product, do I? So shall we get right to business? “Crush The Cenotaph” was the third demo created in the year of 1989, a year Asphyx consisted of Theo Loomans, Tony Brookhuis, Eric Daniels and Bob Bagchus.

The difference between that “Crush The Cenotaph” and this one, is the line-up as Theo and Tony weren’t in the band any more and a certain, and maybe you have heard of him…vaguely…Martin van Drunen left Pestilence to join Asphyx. And although Martin is a league of his own, Theo did have some sick vocals as well on the demo, worth checking out if you haven’t heard it yet.

The other difference is that two demo songs are re-recorded with Martin on vocals, the title-track and “Rite of Shades”, as well as “The Krusher” was added. The same “The Krusher” that would appear on the second album “Last one on Earth”. And if that wasn’t enough 2 live tracks which are recorded in Stockholm 1991, “Evocation” and “Wasteland of Terror”, were added to the track list. And I just love how Martin announces “Evocation” to the crowd. All this as a kind of teaser for the aforementioned upcoming album and instant classick; “Last one on Earth”, both released by Century Media back in the day.

At the end of the day you get a nice EP with liner-notes of Bob himself. If you have the original one it won’t add something extra on the music side, it would be the extra information to persuade you to buy this one. For the others who don’t have it and enjoy a good slab of Old School Death Metal, you can’t get enough old Asphyx in your collection. (Ricardo)

VIC Records

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