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Master Of Cruelty – Archaic Visions of the Underworld

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Sex, drinks and metal could have been a good influence or at least something that comes to mind when listening to Master of Cruelty`s second album „Archaic Visions of the Underworld“. These guys from Paraguay know how to combine black/death/thrash metal into a headbanging, skullcrushing, poserkilling (molotov)cocktail that won’t let you breath so easy. The production is raw, ugly, but audible, you can hear everything pretty well, works in their favor. The songs have enough variation, going from blast attacks like DD Crazy did in early Sarcofago years, to black metal attacks in the riffdepartment like Darkthrone did in their early days. I even find some Mortuary Drape in it(very cool indeed). Some Sodom up tempo parts here and there, vocals reminding a bit of Nocturno Culto proclaiming their visions of an archaic underworld. Great old school sounding black/death/thrash. Fans of that kind of mix will love it. (DPF)