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Hacavitz – Nex Nihil

hacavitz – nex nihil

The angels of heaven tremble and cower in fear upon the release of Hacavitz latest album “Nex Nihil”. Without a doubt this is definitely the bands greatest weaponry thus far.

Hellish sounding Black Metal with top quality recording and excellent mixing of this masterpiece. All of this is absolutely excellent thru and thru. From beginning to the very end. I have not heard anything this damn good in a long time.

Classic riffing that grabs you in immediately and holds your attention without waiver. You will be hard pressed to find another Black Metal release that, simply put, kicks this much ass. Finally a great band who is not afraid of a professional recording. I can’t think of anything comparable but know that all the sounds you expect to hear and all the chords you would expect to be used along with the drumming comparable to the best in this genre. Intense and hateful vocals are perfection.

Having been sent this from my long-time friend and Hacavitz member Antimo  Buonnano , listening again, as I review this, my hairs on my arms are standing up. The musicians here are playing from the very soul. Putting forth all the emotions and energy one should expect from true headbangers. This is not for trendy and weak posers.

Having had some line-up changes in years past and releasing a EP all the way from 2004 has shown that this current unification of warriors is one of immense talents and I truly hope this line up will be together from now on.  Damn, this makes me want to pick up my guitar… (EvilMike)