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Har – Visitation [EP]

har – visitation [ep]

Israel isn’t known for spawning an Extreme Metal band after one other, although there are still acts like Tangorodrim, Sonne Adam, The Bishop of Hexen, Arallu and Melechesh who got some notice beyond the country’s border. Har is trying to reach that as well, at first with their “Baal Ha’ov” EP (2014) and now with their second EP called “Visitation”. Obscurity is all what Har is all about. Ominous and eerie Black/Death Metal with epic tales of Black Magic, Necromancy and Darkness as lyrical content. Har is the little brother that is less chaotic than Teitanblood and has more a doomy atmosphere compared with Grave Miasma, but still share the Occult Black/Death DNA of both. A good EP for sure… Conjure a great black flame in one’s palm… (Ricardo)