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Corrupt – Slavestate Serenades

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At first I thought it would be a secret reunion or compilation of the Swedish Death Metal band Corrupt, who released one demo in 1990. Not that would be groundbreaking news or a gift towards any SweDeath follower, but after reading many articles about SweDeath, bandnames stick in one’s head. This Corrupt is from Sweden still, but these guys play some catchy Old School Thrash Metal. This album seems to be a delayed one, as it should be released late 2008/early 2009. But hell…here it is! Nothing really fancy or modern in any way, just good old Thrash Metal in the spirit of the 1980s! Quite influenced by the Teutonic Thrash scene, there is also some early Slayer (“Show no Mercy”), Merciless (“The Awakening”) and Hypnosia in it for ya. And well played! It’s not all full speed ahead, there are some mid-tempo riffs in the Thrash hymns as well. If Slayer’s “Evil has no Boundaries”, Sodom’s “Blasphemer”, Destruction’s “Mad Butcher” and Kreator’s “Under the Guillotine” give you eargasms, Corrupt could be a nice band for you. Not a must have, but certainly something you can add to your basket if you have some money left. (Ricardo)