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Cadaveric Fumes – Echoing Chambers of Soul

cadaveric fumes – echoing chambers of soul

Monotonous & stability does NOT define France based quartet, Cadaveric Fumes. Decade span, they’ve ventured into evolving contrasting styles, from rapid, boisterous Black Metal in “Macabre Exaltation” to twangy celestial funk in “Dimensions Obscure”, to their refined & meticulously devised release simultaneously initial LP & completing effort of this project’s reign titled “Echoing Chambers of Soul”. Proficient in form & foreseeably capricious, it emanates vehement sentiment, fluctuating berserk hostility with secluding murkiness, adding ethereal ambience.

Artwork by Adam Burke grips my attention, a stunningly layered visual that parallels this band’s modulation. (Lucky number) seven songs contained, lasting thirty three-ish minutes. Aptly titled “Exordium”, a brisk airy instrumental anxiously delving into an immeasurable setting. “The Stirring Unknown” promptly bombarded by percussion, dextrous tonality among rhythm section alone, in addition to Romain Gibet’s malevolent gravelly cadence brings it to another level. Riffs are highlight, even bass portions around three minute mark harmonize with kaleidoscopic fretwork & convulsing thick drums as base, all the more entertaining to hear. “A Desolate Breed”, love offset timed buildup, gradually intensifying as the song moves forward.

Diligent riffs creating various textures along with tinge of ruptures, too focused to realize six minutes pass, it’s superior. Second instrumental “Waters of Absu”, a mystifying aquatic tune adorned with a retro synthy element, feels as if wandering through a cave hearing the water droplets fall off the stalactites while in a reverie. “In Cold Astral Sleep”, restrained of the vocal bunch, consistent with melody embodies doom up until the tailend of the track, pure blast of energy emits. Going out with a bang, “Voidgazers”, amalgamates all styles reflected in their discography, throwing bits of nasality, substantial Death Metal riffs, cavernous euphony & onerous aura, fastidiously done in eight minutes.

An ideal release of giving respectful closure! (Tori Belle)