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Burning Hatred – Carnage

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I have a soft spot for Dutch death metal so I was pretty curious to hear the debut album “Carnage” of Burning Hatred. And I was not disappointed – this is an excellent oldschool death metal release. Just hear “Reign of Horror” – isn’t this a terrific Obituary influenced guitar riff ? Or “Carnage of War” which is a pure Bolt Thrower worship ? Some black metal tones are found in “Desecration” and “Bedevilment” while “Doomed City” reminds me of At The Gates with its melodic guitar riffing. Everything in “Carnage” is on a very good level – the sound production is great, the musicianship is on top level, the cover artwork is impressive (courtesy of Wolven Claws and The Crystallomanic Art). “Carnage” is a great death metal album that vows proud the flag of the Dutch death metal tradition. (Zvetan)