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Ceremony – Tyranny from Above [Re-Release]

ceremony –  tyranny from above [re-release]

You probably all know a band who released a debut album years ago of which you thought “that was actually quite good” but totally forgotten about it. Why? Could be many reasons…you got the album through tapetrading and haven’t touched the dubbed tapes for years. Or you sold the album years ago or it didn’t got your attention anymore because it never got a proper re-release. Or all of the above. For me, Ceremony from The Netherlands is one of those bands. It all started back in 1989 and they released their “Victims of Morbidity” demo in 1991. Not long after the first demo, Cenotaph Records (also responsible for releases of Eulogy, Utumno and Rottrevore) released an 7” called “Inclemency”. Both demo and 7” got good response by the scene and received positive reviews. The year 1993 was marked as the breakthrough of Ceremony, as they released their debut album “Tyranny from Above” though Cyber Music. Comparing them with other Dutch bands, they were closer to Sinister than Asphyx, Gorefest or God Dethroned. Or better yet, Old School Brutal Death Metal, the US Way but still with the Dutch vibe. Riff-driven songs with lots of pace-changes and variety, an occasional lead and an unexpected surprise now and then (yes…I know, surprises are always unexpected….just take a listen to “Beyond The Boundaries Of This World”). As bonus you will be able to hear the 1994 demo (you will hear a Ceremony which is more technical than on “Tyranny from Above”) and the aforementioned 7”. If you are not familiar with this album, but you enjoy your Sinister, Séance, Deicide and Malevolent Creation albums, you will enjoy “Tyranny from Above”. (Ricardo)