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Gates Of Ishtar – A Bloodred Path [Re-release]

gates of ishtar – a bloodred path [re-release]

Finally all albums by Gates of Ishtar are available again. Century Media and VIC Records made a good decision releasing those gems again. The today`s review focuses on the debut “A Bloodred Path”. Melodic death metal at its best with hints of black clouds and dark candles, means  just in a similar way like Dissection, Unanimated an others, these Swedes have a touch of frosty black metal in their melodic sound. The songs are catchy, change from groove beats to furious blast attacks only to make you kneel on the ground with your horns up while the Maiden-like guitar solo drops in. The debut already put them on the map as one of the best melo-death bands around the globe. Twin harmonies, pounding drums and bass, some keyboard here and there to give some more depth to the atmosphere and your high pitched vocals from the blackest Scandinavian corner. A must have for everyone. (DPF)