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Ribspreader – Opus Ribcage MMVI

ribspreader – opus ribcage mmvi

“Opus Ribspreader” is the the 3rd full length album from the retro Swedish Death Metal band Ribspreader. I was quite anxious to get my ears on this new release as old school Death Metal ranks high on my favorites list. The album starts slow and quiet with an ominous classical guitar intro that draws the listener in. Then as the intro subsides sounds of chains saw mayhem ensues and the classic Swedish guitar sound follows. Song after song the feel 1992 is definitely in the air. One would recall the old masters such as Grave and Unleashed. While Ribspreader may not reach the level of those mentioned the feel is there. As the album progresses it becomes hard to tell the tracks apart. There is a definite pattern they are following and seems they dare not stray to far. The album concludes with a Ramones cover and while it is fun it leaves me a little confused, why? Any one looking for the old days will enjoy this release. If you are seeking original ground breaking sounds look elsewhere. (Zawicizuz)