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God Macabre – The Winterlong [Re-Release]

god macabre – the winterlong [re-release]


As with many other great Swedish death metal releases, “The Winterlong” by God Macabre was a bit overlooked at the time of its release and failed to get the recognition it deserved. It took years before the album and band finally got the attention of metal fans which resulted in some sort of a cult status for both band and album. Relapse finally gave the album its re-release in 2002 with updated artwork and the three tracks from the 7” the band released before they went under the God Macabre moniker. And another six years passed before this undeniable gem of Swedish death metal finally got its vinyl release…

Many times hailed as the best death metal record ever recorded (in Sweden) but still rather obscure. The original CD release is near impossible to find not to speak about the very collectible Macabre End (as the band was named first) 7” EP. Though the Relapse re-release didn’t sell like millions, it still shows there is definitely some interest in the band. This 2008 vinyl re-release is as much as anticipated as one can expect from an obscure cult death metal release done fifteen years ago. Almost perfect in its entirety; the throaty vocals, the excellent upbeat drums and the always compelling buzzsaw guitar sound are still a winning formula. This album, for those who are not familiar with it, is never less convincing than the best albums of the biggest bands in the genre, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Dismember etc. Why it remained like a hidden gem in the genre is like a mystery, though originally released in 1993 might have just been a bit too late. But still, this album should have caused a tremendous thrill throughout the whole extreme metal scene, despite the upcoming black metal hype.

For vinyl collectors around the world this is THE opportunity to add one of the best death metal records of all time to your collection, on shiny black wax. And for people who (still) are not familiar with this album, this is your chance to get it, as you are missing out on some of the best stuff ever to come from the Swedish death metal scene.

God Macabre

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