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Pentacle – Ancient Death [EP – Re-release]

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One year after the split with Desaster, the mighty Pentacle returned with an EP in 2001 entitled „Ancient Death“. Seven tracks of ancient death metal, crushing, poserslaughting death metal all old schoolers will love. Wannes giving his best duties on bass and vocals(If you like Van Drunen`s vocals you will love him), Marc killing his drum set and Mike molesting his guitar with RIFFS! Each song makes you bang your head. Double bass grooves paired with up tempo beats and skank beats giving enough variation and brutality to the songs without doing too much showmanship(something that in that time was coming up in death metal and went on for a decade). And the best thing, we are talking about songs. I like to labyrinthian structures and riff landscapes but still prefer catchy, straight forward songs with a chorus here and there to scream along, and that`s what these guys still do. To round this thing up they covered a Mantas and one Death song, which both are well done. K.K. Warslut from Destroyer 666 gives some guest vocals too, so what do you want more? I am glad to see this EP being released again through VIC Records. Get it! (DPF)