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Infernäl Mäjesty – Nigrescent Years of Chaos

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Infernal Majesty, Canadians finest thrash metal. Well Razor too but that is another cup of tea. What we have here are their 3 demos remastered with rare pictures and liner notes from Chris Bailey. An unholy release with all their rarest gems. If you somehow never heard Infernal Majesty? Think of Possessed combined with early Destruction. But I bet you heard them? If not go back to the school bench and do your metal lesson now. Starting up with Overlord from the demo ”Infernal Majesty” from 1986 you cannot go wrong. This makes me wanna travel back to 1986 and be in the true thrash zone again. Total awesome demo and these 4 tracks later ended up on their debut album ”None shall defy”. Just a litte rawer and brutal production which I actually prefer. The first demo is for me the absolute best they have done but don’t take me wrong here… There are 2 more demos left that really kills. Moving on to ”Nigresent Dissolution” from 1988, a 2 track demo. These songs never ended up on any studio album. The songs are a little more midtempo and complex. It’s a natural evolution of the song writing but I miss the ”rawness” in the production as on their first demo. Still it’s 2 insane good thrash songs. I would say its awesome but not as unholy good as their first demo. Over to 1991 with the demo ”Creation of Chaos” we find the same perfect rawness as you expect from Infernal Majesty but with one big change. Chris Bailey left the microphone for Don Kuntz how tradical passed away in 2001. Dons vocals really makes it sound different. A more midrange kind of harsh thrash vocals. This demo have a very similar sound as the ”Nigresent Dissolution” but more brutal vibe. I think we can thank Don for that. I still prefer Chris on vocals but Dons vox are so aggressive. 4 pure thrash tracks the way they should be. A real killer release! Should be placed just between your Destruction and Razor records. Grab it now at your local butcher. None shall defy! (TomAssault)

VIC Records

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