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The Rite/Bezwering – The Tower Fiend/Lijf Noch Lijk [Split]

the rite/bezwering – the tower fiend/lijf noch lijk [split]


Dutch Bezwering and Danish/Italian band The Rite team up for a split 7” EP that was released just before last summer by rather new Danish label Headkick Music in 333 copies.

The Rites opens with their song, ‘The Tower Fiend’. In case you have not heard the band before, just imagine what happens when you ask members of Black Oath, Denial Of God and Morbus Grave to create some dark music. Because that is exactly what The Rite is, musicians from both the Italian bands and Ustumallagam from Denial Of God on vocals getting themselves into some Blackened Doomy Metal, that also bears a little Old School Death Metal edge to it. Ustumallagam’s vocals are overly recognizable and with that raspy and kind of hoarse sounding throat he automatically brings that horrifying vibe into the music. Definitely an interesting track.

Bezwering can be found on the flipside and brings more of their tried-and-tested material, that fits right in their fabulous Ván Records released debut album ‘Aan de Wormen Overgeleverd’. That debut album can be regarded as one of the best Dutch Black Metal albums in recent years and this track, ‘Lijf Noch Lijk’ just picks up where the album left off. Yet, this track sounds a quite tad rawer than the debut album, giving it somewhat of a more unique sound. Despite the rawness, the epic and mournful vocals of Alfschijn (:Nodfyr:, Stormbreker, Knoest, ex-Wederganger, ex-Heidevolk) makes this song so very recognizably Bezwering. So is the song writing, astoundingly epic and still so very much rooted in Black Metal, playing with dynamics and variety without losing any of its violent darkness. If you were into the bands’ previous recordings, this split is worth the money for Bezwering’s contribution alone. Still most definitely one of the best Black Metal bands out of the current Dutch Black Metal scene.

Headkick Music

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