Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Sadomortuary – Festering Evil Worship [Demo]

sadomortuary – festering evil worship [demo]

P. Mutilator and I. K. Terrorist, the first one is also known for his work within Deathfucker, Necromutilator and Vomitmantik while the second one does his thing within Radon Trench, teamed up in 2019 to form a Black/Death Metal act, and so Sadomortuary was born.

“Festering Evil Worship” is their 3rd demo already, so they are quite on a roll. With horrifying vocals, primitive riffs and drums from hell, this devil worshipping Italian horde know how to combine Cruciamentum, Demoncy and Rottrevore into a slow version of it all. “From the Italian bunkers…”, and you know what…it sounds exactly like that. (Ricardo)