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Ferum – Vergence [EP]

ferum – vergence [ep]

Ferum are a Death/Doom band from Bologna, Italy that have released their debut EP “Vergence” through Unholy Domain Records and Everlasting Spew Records. Ferum are a three piece that features two former members (Samantha and Angelica) from the Italian Sludge/Doom band Saturnine on vocals/guitar and drums as well as Matteo Anzelini (ex-Silent Moriah) on bass.

Ferum means “wild”, “untamed” or “fierce” in Latin, which is an accurate description of the old school death metal put forth on this release. Coalescing between slower doom metal passages and mid to fast tempo death metal, the songs strike a good balance between the two and the riffs are both melodic and forcefully heavy when need be. Samantha has an interesting vocal delivery that isn’t quite guttural but also is not clean sung either, the effect is of one that is screaming in torment.

Vergence contains 4 original songs and a cover of “Funeral” by Cianide from their “The Dying Truth” album which is wholly appropriate as I would say Ferum compare closely to Cianide and Incantation. I am excited to hear what comes next from this band and anyone that is into old school Death/Doom should check it out. (Ted Gloom)