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Tombsday – Compiled to Defile

tombsday – compiled to defile

Solo project based out of Illinois, Evil D has compiled his first three releases into one release cleverly titled “Compiled To Defile.” Unfortunately couldn’t find out cover artist but it’s colors are mixture of carmine and tawny brown resembling excrement along with grizzly scene of three corpses at a quick glance about to defile each other but up close it’s one being castrated from behind while other watches; fucking sick!

Features 10 tracks total and gives about 15 minutes of play time. This compilation REALLLY had vibes of Anal Cunt written all over it. From the gut wrenching riffs to smartass song titles like “Get a Job” or “Fuck Off Kevin” to featuring mini samples that account for title of few tracks in particular “Once You See My Dick, You Won’t Want It”, BUT the only difference is that instead of hearing Seth Putnam styled psycho shrieks to bellowed lows, Evil D sticks to a different approach by having this putrid, regurgitated cadence that disgusts and draws you in its dense, murky path.

Gotta applaud opener “I Eat Pieces of Shit Like You For Breakfast” to actually base it off one of my favorite childhood movies, YUP Happy FUCKING Gilmore! and sample one of the best set of lines to make you crack a smile. Bravo! Couple other notable songs that I favored would be “What The Fuck?” and “Love Theme” which are both heavy distortion and primal cavernous sound with upbeat tempos to fuck with.

Short, sweet compilation to fuck with. (Tori Belle)