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Baxaxaxa – Devoted to HIM [EP]

baxaxaxa – devoted to him [ep]

A filthy little slice of Satanic noise pollution from 2020, Bavarian Anti-Christian tyrants Baxaxaxa teamed up with standard bearers Iron Bonehead Productions to unleash a nasty little 7″ vinyl entitled ‘Devoted to HIM’. Ten minutes of blasphemy starting with ‘Revelation in Sin’, which rather majestically switches between a pestilence wreathed Black/Thrash to a slower, ominous and far more malevolent form of creeping Black Metal, complete with haunting atmospheric melodies, and rasping vocals. Back and forth the opening track flicks between styles to create an unsettling blend of raucous riffs, foreboding darkness and gloomy funereal synth. Side B is the shorter title track ‘Devoted to HIM’. A far more simple track filled with catchy guitar leads, punishing drums and a fast no nonsense approach, oddly this track reminds me a little of Bolzer, especially in the vocals.

Having looked on the Iron Bonehead Productions store it appears that this slice of chaos is no longer available through them, which is a shame. However, it’s still well worth giving ‘Devoted to HIM’ a listen and maybe seeing if it’s available elsewhere. (Luke Hayhurst)