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Celestial Sanctuary / Thorn / Fumes / Perilaxe Occlusion – Absolute Convergence [Split]

celestial sanctuary / thorn / fumes / perilaxe occlusion – absolute convergence [split]


US label Gurgling Gore and UK outfit Cavernous Records last month have unleashed a four track, four band split release entitled ‘Absolute Convergence’ on both CD and cassette. The split features UK Death Metal band Celestial Sanctuary, alongside two Canadian Death Metal acts, Fumes, and Perilaxe Occlusion, and finally US Death/Doom merchants Thorn.

It’s Perilaxe Occlusion who hit us off with a fax tone. Didn’t see that one coming. From there it’s a blistering array of punishing drumming, deep growls and laser focused guitar leads, all played fast, loud and aggressively. if anything the bands offering, ‘Serrated Tessellation’ seems to get more manic and volatile as it progresses, with some mesmerising guitar solos thrown in for good measure. A great start to proceedings.

Up next is ‘Monolith’ by Fumes who waste little time in opening the taps on some rampant guitar leads and raw growls, but interspersed with a few chuggs along the way and an off kilter time signature giving the track an almost djent feel. In terms of song-writing this is off the wall, with jazzy interludes and some very technical sounding bass leads. Not my style at all but well executed regardless and kudos to the outside the box thinking in the bands approach to Death Metal.

The UK’s entry onto this split through Celestial Sanctuary is a slower offering, featuring crushing technical guitar leads and a metronomic drumming sound that moves ‘Trapped Within the Rank Membrane’ along at a steady tempo. It’s packed to the brim fill of killer riffs, rumbling bass solos, intense grinding leads and powerful vocals and is easily the highlight of the release, and I’m not saying that just because I’m British!

Seeing us out with ‘Pythonissam’ is US Death/Doom band Thorns, whose slow, monolithic riffs, deathly growls and oppressively dark aura finish things off nicely. The production is murky for this last offering, in keeping with the bands style and the soaring, melodious atmosphere they create is punishing and intense.

A great split release, four bands with four distinct styles and all with a high quality musicianship and song-writing ability. (Luke Hayhurst)