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Gosudar – Morbid Despotic Ritual

gosudar – morbid despotic ritual


I had the honour of covering Gosudar and their very first two track release “Demo 2018” on these hallowed pages way back in 2019. Which means I am slack, and should have paid more attention earlier. I also bought the vinyl split they did with Australia’s very own, and very fucking sick, Carcinoid. Which obviously means I like them, a lot. Do you know how much it costs to get vinyl (or anything for that matter) sent here over the last few years? Needless to say, we do not own a house, or even a cat..

Here is a direct, and relevant quote from that review. “Gosudar, means “Prince,” will they be King? Maybe a few more tracks, and we can more fairly judge, but I like what I hear so far.”  I am fairly sure I made a good call back then. Fast forward to now, and we have “Morbid Despotic Ritual” in our greedy Metal loving little hands, and apart from the fact that they may have had to go through some sort of fucked up things to become the despotic King they have (spoiler alert) now, I think that after one listen to this you may well agree it was worth it!

For the unknowing (and possibly wilfully ignorant,) Gosudar fit nicely in that niche of filthy murky Death Metal that could remind oneself of the types of things that lurk in sewers after dark and eat small wandering children, and shame be upon you for letting your kids wander all over the fucking place at night is all I can say if they DO get gobbled up like a packet of mints in an old persons home.

Yes, We are speaking of guttural vocals here. The kind that would make even Satan himself flinch upon hearing (Satan actually has more of a clear vocal approach, just so you know he is deadly serious, I know because he once rang me about extended warranty on a recent purchase) but unlike a few out there in the “we like mouldy dank places and no one to realise that we are actually mushrooms with talent” brigade the quality of musicianship on display here is pretty crystal. Riffs for days, drums that drum proper like and a bass tone that makes all of your finest china quiver in fear are clearly evident, and thus make the listening experience ever so much more enjoyable than having to squint like you need a good shit just to work out what is going on.

Favourite tracks? Well there are only six so you don’t have to have a brain embolism going through them all, but I’m gonna say “Scripture of the Vile Testimony” because it’s sicker than a dog that just ate a block of chocolate, and “Awakening of the Realm” because it chugs along at a pace that you can drink a beer too without spilling it all over the floor. Yes, this may all sound like waffle, but I do highly recommend this album. It is Death Metal at its most excellent, and you should get some into you because it is rather fucking awesome, if a tad short… I want at least EIGHT songs from the next one. Haha.

All hail the mighty Gosudar, all hail the Kings! (The Great Mack)