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Sedimentum / Phobophilic – Horrific Manifestations [Split]

sedimentum / phobophilic – horrific manifestations [split]


“Dad?” My three year old daughter pulls my hand gently, looks up to me with her big blue baby eyes. “Can I watch Baby Shark on You Tube, pleaaaaase?”

Me: “No, my little baby doll, you can not, but I can let you enjoy the Sedimentum/Phobophilic split if you would like to hear it?”

She: “Whoopsiedaisies dad, that sure sounds like fun!”

So I put my power amp on maximum volume to yield maximum results and Sedimentum bursts out of my speakers. After ten seconds my little one’s left eyelid starts twitching, reaching forty seconds she starts puking on the carpet.

Me: “Told you it was fun, right!”

At that moment my wife started screaming.

Me: “But she didn’t even got to hear the Phobophilic side!!!”

The Sedimentum/Phobophilic split isn’t composed to shine a bright light on the path you are currently walking on in life. It is created to buttfuck you with a hundred pound sledgehammer, to strike you in the teeth with an aluminium baseball bat. These two bands created a stif“ling Death Metal soundscape where no light shines through, it pulls you under, headfirst, into carbon black swamps.

The Sedimentum side: Residing in Quebec, French Canada (ah oui, bonjour mon amour, bonsoir mon armoir et au revoir ma petite déjeuner.) Sedimentum presenting the first track on this phenomenal split, “Obliteration”. This father puncher of a song sets off with an eerie one- minute intro, when the actual track attacks, the first thing i notice is the heaviness of the sound, the snare drum penetrates dominantly this massive wall of sound. It’s like my semi-hard dick slapping a steel frying pan, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Monster grooves alternating with short sharp bursts of blasts, a gut wrenching bass guitar, deep monotone gutturals, making the perfect cocktail for my brain to consume.

The Phobophilic side: Taking care of business out of North-Dakota, Phobophilic handles the second eruption, “The Bottom of Creation”. Granite wall of sound? Check. Moist gutturals? Check. Phobophilic produces the same ingredients that Sedimentum uses to mix up another tasty brew. Phobophilic integrates a bit more melody and swing, sprinkling some short Bolt Thrower-like leads half way track, giving this split the extra seasoning.

Thank you Rotted Life Records for putting these two hugely talented bands together on one piece of vinyl. It definitely brought some joy into my little girl’s life and ensured my second divorce. But hey, sometimes you’ve gotta put things on the line to make excellent Death Metal great again. (Franki_boj)