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Decaying Crypt – Demo MMXXI [Demo]

decaying crypt – demo mmxxi [demo]

Sometimes you cram a tape in your deck, press play and immediately like or dislike the Death Metal gushing out of your speakers. Seattle’s Decaying Crypt is not that easy to categorize though.

The production sounds very direct and spontaneous with lots of feedback and distortion, like someone poured a bleak Black Metal sauce over a Death Metal record. The (snare)drum sound is very powerful in comparison with the guitars, luckily S.W. plays with freakishly intensity and tortures his drumkit as tight as Jada Pinkett Smith knots her hair. The man doesn’t miss one beat.

The songwriting is complex and takes a while to get programmed into my frontal brain lobe. The high level of playing, the smoothness in which Decaying Crypt shifts gears reminds me of Oxygen Destroyers debut. You can feel the breaks and blast beats coming from a mile away but when Decaying Crypt goes full throttle and unleashes their speed demons you feel the adrenaline gushing through your veins.

Due to the high level of musicianship and songwriting is Decaying Crypts debut definitely worth checking out, if you can handle the harsh production. (Franki_boj)