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Thorn – The Encompassing Nothing [EP]

thorn – the encompassing nothing [ep]

First impression, the cover (aside from the orb of yellowish hued light) reminded me of Spectral Voice’s 2018 EP based on the colour scheme of violet and cerulean blue. Already good sign of it being a promising listen.

Debut release for Thorn, based out of Arizona, a solo project that impressively meshes primal riffs complimented with melody in the veins of Death / Doom structure, vocals saturated with reverb, and drum machine so emmculant, you’d think Pete Sandoval made a couple appearances. Generous 7 tracks, clocking in at 19 minutes, surprisingly condensed, packed with an abundance of riffs and melody that flows effortlessly. “Chasms of Rot” is the shortest tune that comes in steadily strong, resonating more on guitar work then vocals, seem a bit faded (maybe purposely) compared to rest of EP.

Tracks “Häxan Womb” and “Fields of Blight” have similar drum beat instantly making me think of “Rapture” off of Morbid Angel’s “Covenant”. “Pagan’s Monolith” IMO is most melodic track and “Old Father Below” has a nostalgic thrash styled intro. Personal favourites are “Returning to Dust” which has a dreamy, trancelike riff with haunting chants and closer “The Encompassing Nothing” that’s more chaotic, aggressive, somewhat dissonant in structure, and summarizes the EP which gradually confines into zilch. (Tori Belle)