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Pustilence – The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End [EP]

pustilence – the birth of the beginning before the inception of the end [ep]

The first EP and recording in general by Pustilence, an Australian Death Metal combo with members of Bone Marrow and Hinterkaifeck, giving their rotten musical escapades a brutal yet Old School swirl.

So no full blast beats or anything like that, but chugging riffs and low growls with an occasional lead and several pace changes with up-tempo as the superior category of speed. During the fine leads the pace goes to mid-tempo groove which serves the leads well as you can hear during “Dissolute Delerium: III”, a bit like James Murphy during Obituary’s “Cause of Death”. Pustilence brings 90s US Death Metal in all its variation influenced by an acts like Morta Skuld and early Monstrosity as well as early Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, all wrapped in a putrid sound.

Nothing wrong with this EP, that is for sure! (Ricardo)