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Body Asphyxiation Science – Heresy [EP]

body asphyxiation science – heresy [ep]


The first time I ever heard Body Asphyxiation Science I was drawn to it by its intriguing name, it really felt it was something completely different from the standard gore drenched or satanic ridden names of most Death Metal bands. And frankly, I was equally intrigued by the music as well. Especially the ‘Intergalactic Gore’ EP from 2022 which they shared with Trench Foot sounded like a fresh and very welcome take on the Death Metal genre, combing the basics of Old School Death Metal with a lot of technical wizardry, a spacey sound and cosmic themes.

But unfortunately, the band gradually seemed to have lost that special feeling of uniqueness. On their split tape with Thorn that was released at the very end of 2022 they have exchanged their own and exceptional sound for a way more common Technical and slightly Grindy Death Metal. And, simply put, that musical course has been continued on this latest EP, which saw the light at the end of last year and got to us through the band’s old partners in crime, Gurgling Gore.

In just under 17 minute Body Asphyxiation Science takes us on a ride through what they consider their musical galaxy. There is still a good portion of cosmic vibes and some synthesizers adding to that feeling (mostly concentrated in the spacey outro though), but mostly the band is treating you on some Grinding Death Metal with a thoroughly technical twist. Intricate riffs are expertly woven together with lots of tempo changes and some Carcass-styled dual-vocal attacks. Production-wise ‘Heresy’ offers the best of the band so far, giving enough space to all elements within the busy character of the music.

All in all, ‘Heresy’ is a pretty decent listen, but I can’t shake off the feeling that it is such a shame that they have traded their early sound, which could easily have grown into a recognizable trademark, for something that really feels interchangeable.