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Coffin Rot / Molder – Coffin Rot / Molder [Split]

coffin rot / molder – coffin rot / molder [split]

Here we have a split with 2 bands who have both chosen a name that has something to do with decay in general. I don’t think I have to explain to you we have something smelly here…well, something is decomposing in both Portland and Chicago, the hometowns of both Old School Death Metal acts on this split.

First up is Coffin Rot who released 2 demos prior to this split. With 2 songs of their own with an up-tempo attitude combined with pounding drums and a low growl of Hayden Johnsen, the Old School Death Metal can be compared with the up-tempo parts of Morta Skuld during “Dying Remains” or Resurrection’s “Embalmed Existence” and although opening track “Living Cremation” has some Morbid Angel’s “Dominate” in it, it is the only Morbid Angel reference there is. The side of Coffin Rot ends with a nice cover of Cancer’s “Hung, Drawn and Quartered” of the mighty “Death Shall Rise” album.

Molder has a more demo sound than Coffin Rot and has without doubt other influences than the Side A part. The pus riddled Death Metal is more towards Autopsy, has far more mid-tempo parts than Coffin Rot and also have a more punkish vibe from time to time. But as they are from Chicago like Macabre, maybe that isn’t strange at all. Choosing Morgue’s “Repulsive Death” is spot on for a band like Molder.

Conclusion; 4 Old School Death Metal tracks, 2 covers which are done very well, a fitting illustration as cover art by Sven Grasses and released on cassette, cd as well as vinyl. This split is sure a nice one for your collection. (Ricardo)