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Stench Collector / Seep – Stench Collector / Seep [Split]

stench collector / seep – stench collector / seep [split]


This very short split EP, released on cassette tape, is the latest offering of both Stench Collector and Seep. Two bands haunting the gurgling and gory Death Metal territories of late. It is not only the last recording of both artists, but it also turned out to be the last ever recording for Stench Collector’s Mark Pechak, who unexpectedly passed away in 2022. It is then no surprise that this EP is dedicated to Pechak.

For Stench Collector it might be the last track, or at least the last one recorded as a duo, but ‘Daemon Rat Onanism’ is definitely a worthy goodbye. I personally enjoyed the band’s 2021 Redefining Darkness released ‘Effluviatorium Du Jour’ EP as well as the ‘Dislimbification’ EP that followed later. Although both of these efforts showed Stench Collector as nothing really spectacular, it was solid no-nonsense and unpretentious American styled Death Metal, of the gory kind. In that tradition we can also find ‘Daemon Rat Onanism’. Again, this song brings you nothing that you have not heard before, but… When it is done right, it is done right. Whether it is because of the whammy solo of Luke Cazares (Laceration) that brings a little more variation or the idea that this was the last song of the band with Pechak, but to me Stench Collector’s side of the cassette tape is certainly worth the time.

The second track is ‘Arcane Torture’ by Seep, the one-man band of Vomitus, the gory figure who also helms the Gurgling Gore label. Seep is not quite the band that is known for its versatility. On the contrary, it usually offers rather static and one-dimensional Death Metal that is on the slow side. This track is no exception to that tradition. Though far from being bad, it kind of feels a little bland, even if this track has some eerie melody and a guest vocal appearance by David Mikkelsen. But sharing a split with only one track definitely works a lot better than a full-length, with which the music ends up being really a bit too monotonous.