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Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses

blut aus nord – disharmonium – undreamable abysses


One of the longest running French Black Metal bands definitely is Blut Aus Nord. Having its roots way back in 1993, then initially formed as Vlad and released two really outstanding demos under that first moniker, they have gradually evolved into one of Black Metal’s most intriguing and challenging acts. Not shying away from an immense sound, they have pushed many boundaries in their ever ambitious works of art, going from the mesmerizing and organic works of the ‘Memoria Vetusta’ trilogy to the also three records counting, mind-bending, cosmic ‘777’-journey.

In fact, looking back to the band’s rather iconic discography, you can easily conclude that Blut Aus Blut is not only a highly prolific act, but also has this exceptional gift of stringing albums together of extraordinary highly quality. This new album, ‘Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses’, that again was released through their long-term companions of Debemur Morti Productions, is just another album that symbolises the band’s distinctive talent of pulling off a truly compelling record.

Like many previous albums, ‘Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses’ has this highly trance-inducing sound. Its riffs keep on whirling into this cosmic vortex, leading the listener to an immense hypnotising, almost delirious sort of out body experience. You’ll get huge doses of fast blast beats that are getting drowned into this huge wall of sound created by these spacey sounding guitars. The often slight atonal dissonance are constantly duelling with the drums, giving next to no breathing space to the listener. The howling vocals are tucked very deeply away in the overall sound of the album, making the experience even creepier and add to the overall feeling of a Lovecraftian or Clive Barker-esque nightmare.

Though the individual songs are rather hard to discern, they do kind of melt together and form this feverish whole, that perfectly fit to the musical compositions. Very hard to wrap your head around, but that makes it even more appealing, it musically keeps on dragging you back to its abyssal depths and addictive intoxication. While 2019’s ‘Hallucinogen’ already very much lived up to its title, this new record, with an equally fitting title, just fits perfectly to the band’s tenor of appropriately sickening black art. Basically, to trim it all down into a few words only: ‘Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses’ is another chapter in an almost impeccable discography.

Blut Aus Nord

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