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Seep – Hymns To The Gore

seep – hymns to the gore


After an EP, Vomitus, the sole member behind Seep, returns with a full-length album which sees the gore of day through Danish purveyors of filth, Extremely Rotten Productions (as well as cassette tape version by Vomitus’ own Gurgling Gore label). If you have not heard the previously released EP, I think the cover for this debut album is not keeping its musical contents for itself…

Indeed, Seep is a gore-induced predominantly slow Death Metal band who focusses on the riff and the very deep gurgling (d’uh) vocals. A bit in the same tradition of the many bands that are trending today that emphasizes the gory side of the genre, but do lack the skills to bring anything new or daring to the table. Not that everything should be original or ground breaking, on the contrary I would almost say, but a bit of a fresh feeling, even in some downtrodden musical paths, is preferable. The words “fresh feeling” might a be bit displaced when looking into a band that serves itself with titles like ‘Morbidly Obese’, ‘Horrific Fetal Mutation’ or ‘Jigsaw Facefuck’, but let’s then call it a lack of brisk ideas… I was also quite surprised that Vomitus is seemingly convinced that he created some Death/Doom Metal, judging from the URL of the Bandcamp page. But, let me clear something: just slowing down the pace doesn’t make it “Doom Metal”, at all. And adding some random horror movie samples doesn’t make the music more terrifying anymore, that trick has been done far over 666 times and started to lose its meaning long time ago. And, as a whole, the music sounds rather static and mechanic, most likely due to the plastic drum sound.

Though I am not claiming that ‘Hymns To The Gore’ is a bad album or a complete waste of time and efforts, since the album sounds quite heavy, the production is appealing and there are certainly some interesting ideas. But even in its short playing time of only 28 minutes, Seep struggles to keep my attention fully on the music. Surely the music is too straightforward and unchallenging for that.

Extremely Rotten Productions

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