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Amnutseba – Emanatism

amnutseba – emanatism

Absolute horror. True terror. That’s what Amnutseba bring to the table on their first full length “Emanatism”. I say they, but really we don’t know. This could be one person. We know they (I’ll continue using this pronoun) hail from France. We know they have two early demos, which were released as a compilation by Iron Bonehead in 2018. We know they play Black Metal. To be honest, I’m not sure this isn’t an actual voice from the void. The level stark, terror-inducing dissonant madness is utterly unreal. There are other French projects known for hard left turns and extreme dissonance, but I’m here to say, new entity or not, Amnutseba stands toe to toe with any of them.

For the nuts and bolts – “Emanatism” comes in at just over thirty-six minutes across five tracks. The album is out on March 27th and will be released in multiple formats. March 27th may very well be the day of the Apocalypse.

Through a vortex of chaos, the drums stagger and pound, leading you one way for the sole purpose of causing you to overbalance and be thrown another. Riffs cut through the swirling miasma like daggers, stabbing and slashing your already battered psyche. Vocals howl forth, forbidden fruit, calling you in inexorably, to a place you will never leave. Each listen to “Emanatism” is a mind bending experience, full of visceral agony. My hackles raise. My pupils dilate. All in all, a black metal masterpiece. (Hayduke X)