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Grim Fate – Perished in Torment

grim fate – perished in torment

After the fine “Emerging from the Crypt” EP, which was released by Chaos Records and Dawnbreed Records, Grim Fate kept themselves busy with recording a cover in their own “Honouring The Gods” cover series, choosing Abhorrence’s “Caught in a Vortex”. But not only that, the split with Rogga Johansson’s & Dave Rotten’s Putrevore saw the light, …and got reviewed here as well ofcourse, which was the debut of Philippus Yntema as permanent member.

With “Perished in Torment” the rancid trio from Fryslân created a dark Old School Death Metal album which is a treat for the Incantation devotee as well as the old Finnish scene aficionado. I mentioned “Demigod, Convulse, Cartilage and don’t ever forget old Amorphis” and that still stands. Not strange they have chosen Abhorrence for their “Honouring the Gods” series, of course.

You want the stench of decomposing bodies, Grim Fate delivers it. Slowly…(Ricardo)