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Grim Fate – Emerging from the Crypt [EP]

grim fate – emerging from the crypt [ep]


“…Be all, and you’ll be the end all, Life can be a real ball, State of mind…Euphoria!”. Yes, Anthrax. Keep this in mind, I will get back at you on the Anthrax reference. Grim Fate from The Netherlands are founded the way it should be and not like all the nowadays plastic easy-listening shit that got brought together by a label or some show on TV. No, Wim and Pier got together and enjoying some brutal tunes while discussing the music and decided…”let’s try this, we can do this as well”. In this case it was dark and doomy Death Metal which was the main subject on the turntable as well as in the discussions. Influenced by the mighty Incantation and the dark essence of the old Finnish scene (Demigod, Convulse, Cartilage and don’t ever forget old Amorphis) they started to compose and record their first one-track demo called “Decomposition”. Not long after that Chaos Records and Dawnbreed Records published the news they will release a four-track EP of Grim Fate. “Emerging from the Crypt” is just what you can expect of band with the aforementioned influences, with the note that they manage to make the expectations come true as “Emerging from the Crypt” is definitely a “must check-out” EP for fans of Doomy Death Metal. I even dare to say these guys subtle adopted the good old Tico Tico Studios guitar sound from those days and give it a 2018 sound. Oh yeah, the Anthrax reference…I bet it is confusing now after you have reading the review, cause what has Dark Death Metal to do with up-tempo bermuda-shorts skateboard Anthrax? If you are familiar with the beginning of Anthrax’ “State of Euphoria” you know the album starts off with an intro by a cello on “Be All, End All”. A bit of a haunting intro…now listen to the beginning of Grim Fate’s “Dying World”… (Ricardo)

Chaos Records

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