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Infest – Cold Blood War

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If Vader is seeking a band for the warming-up slot during their gigs, this band shouldn’t be too shy to write them an email. Infest from Serbia releases their fourth full-length by Xtreem Music and are blasting their furious blend of Death Metal and Thrash Metal towards mankind. It seems Zoran “Vandal” Sokolovic and company must have thought this is their “all or nothing” album. I think it became “all”. It is a mix of Vader’s “Black to the Blind” (especially the vocals and vocal-lines) and the fast Thrash Metal of a band like Dead Head (just listen to the main riffs and insanity of “Kill Their Weakness”). But there are also some slower parts in as well, like in “Demonic Wrath”, in which the middle part of the track will be a good growl-a-long during a live gig, but unfortunately it brings down the flow and brutality. But Infest comes back with an H-Bomb right after that as “Nuclear Warlust” is a perfect example what this album represents; Fury! (Ricardo)